If you have any questions that you don't find a sufficent answer to here, Feel free to email us at support@revoltenergy.co - We'll find you a soloution as soon as possible 

Are your cells genuine?
Yes! All of our cells are supplied by certified distributors, in factory new condition, with only testing cycles performed on the cells. These cells have never been used in any form of production or sold to any other company. We ensure the cells are flawless before delivery to the customer.

How are you cells so affordable?
We work closley with our suppliers to find the best priced cells on the market for the community, when when find a deal that suits the market, we buy in bulk to ensure the best pricing is passed on to our customers

How do you ship orders?
All of our orders are shipped using Hazmat 9 Class shipping through UPS ground, the average time to receive your order in the continental US is 3 days with a maximum shipping time of 4 days

Can you ship my order by Air?
At this stage we can not ship orders by Air as it simply is far too costly, We are actively working with UPS to secure a cost effective deal to provide domestic and international air shipping at a competitive rate.

Can you provide sample cells?
Generally we can provide sample cells of any of our products, However we can't send samples to every customer so we assess this on a case by case basis. If you would like to make a request, send us an email at: sales@revoltenergy.co and wel'll get back to you as soon as we can with more info.